• Moose Peterson - Wildlife, Aviation & Landscape Photographer, Author and Nikon Ambassador

    The rich tradition and legacy of all things Nikon is celebrated in every issue of Nikon Owner Magazine. Its glorious pages are full of rich imagery created with Nikon gear by talented souls sharing in their words the story behind the photographs. One of the greatest resources on the planet for photography and everything Nikon, this is the source I turn to over and over again.

  • Jason Figgis - Film and TV Director

    Nikon Owner magazine is one of the most beautifully presented magazines on the market today. The articles and layouts are insightful, informative and engaging from the point of view of latest technical aspects and developments as well as featured photographers and their techniques to achieve highest end results. I would not hesitate to recommend this wonderful publication as being at the vanguard of all the latest that Nikon has to offer. A first rate experience all round.

  • Joe McNally – Photographer, Director, Author

    This magazine is a wonderful repository of Nikon lore and legend, past and present. It is totally current in its reporting of technology, how-to articles, and reviews, all mixed in with stunning contributions from Nikon master photographers from all eras. It’s a lively, beautifully presented digest of all things Nikon. I look forward to it every issue. It is, as the website says, the Magazine of the Nikon World.

  • Michael D. Roberts - Actor, Writer

    I am absolutely at a loss for words. I treasure this publication more than you will ever (or I for that matter) know. They adorn my living space and I love them. Thank you very much again.

  • John Archer-Thomson - Photographer, Author, Lecturer and Coastal Ecologist

    What to say about Nikon Owner magazine? Unfailingly beautiful to behold both in terms of style and substance. It is even a tactile treat as the periodical feels good in the hand and I hope I am not being too weird in adding that it smells lovely as well. The articles, in all their eclectic glory, inform, amaze and delight in equal measure. Recommended as sine qua non.*

    *sine qua non: an essential condition; a thing that is absolutely necessary.

  • Neil Lucas - Film Director, Producer and Photographer

    I thought deeply for a couple of days about what the Nikon Owner magazine means to me, before starting to write something down.

    It was only then I realised it was the last magazine I still like to have as a hard copy… and not just a digital download. 

    It’s all about the quality, the quality of the paper, the quality of the print and most of all the quality of the images. As a very image led person everything is just right and very well balanced. It’s a very tactile thing and something I like to hold and enjoy reading very much. 

    From the wealth of knowledge shared across its pages, to amazing stories from around the globe taken by truly talented photographers. 

    For me it’s something I return to time and time again, it’s a rich font of knowledge, a great tool of reference, but most of all an amazing source of inspiration. 

    I find it’s a perfect reflection of what you’d expect of Nikon and Grays of Westminster.

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