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Complete Guide To Starting With Macro Photography with Becky Danese

Complete Guide To Starting With Macro Photography with Becky Danese

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Nikon Owner & Grays of Westminster present:

A Complete Guide To Starting With Macro Photography
With Becky Danese

Saturday, 29th June 2024

Start time: 4.00 pm BST
Duration: approx. 2 hours

Please note that this course will take place as an online webinar.

Nikon Owner and Grays of Westminster are delighted to invite you to our first webinar by Becky Danese, A Complete Guide To Starting With Macro Photography. It is taking place on Saturday, 29th June 2024.

Have you ever wanted to try macrophotography, but don't know where to start? 
Do you have some knowledge but want to expand it further to improve your macro work?
Are you feeling stagnated with the photographs you are taking? 

Becky Danese has put together this seminar to help you get started or improve your existing skills in macrophotography.

Limited places are available, so please book early to avoid disappointment.


  • What does macro really mean?
  • Understanding the difference between macro and close-up photography
  • Macro lenses - the good, bad and ugly
  • The full macro tool kit
  • The optimum settings for close-up work
  • What to do if you don't have a macro lens
  • The basics of macro composition
  • Still life vs wildlife
  • Problem-solving the issues of lighting
  • How to find new subjects and keep yourself engaged in your work
  • Essential editing tips with Adobe Lightroom
  • Q&A

About Becky Danese

Many of you will know Becky Danese as a technical writer for Nikon Owner magazine for many years, as well as a member of the sales team at Grays of Westminster, where she worked for fifteen years amongst Nikon cameras. She has shot everything from events and weddings to product shoots and portraits, and is half of the Grays of Westminster YouTube team. Her photography passion lies in the natural world, and specifically in macro and close-up photography. She uses a range of Nikon Z cameras and lenses, and a variety of film cameras.
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